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SilkySkin Laser Center is taking the Coronavirus (COVID-19) very seriously, and we are tracking it closely within our community and on the national level.

Services Offered

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Norma Khal

SilkySkin Laser Center in Clackamas, Oregon, offers the latest advancements in skin care technologies to boost overall skin health and treat common skin flaws, like acne and wrinkles. The state-of-the-art facility and team led by skilled medical esthetician Norma Khal, provides specialized services for men, women, and teens that focus on patient safety and satisfaction.

Norma became interested in laser treatments after undergoing her first laser hair removal procedure. She graduated from the prestigious Rocky Mountain Laser College and is a certified laser specialist. Norma started SilkySkin Laser Center to provide comprehensive laser treatments for a variety of reasons. She and her skilled staff are highly experienced in using innovative technologies, like the Elite+™ laser hair removal system by Cynosure®, ultrasonic and high-frequency facial technologies, and LED light therapy to treat skin discolorations, inflammation, acne, and age-related lines and wrinkles.

In addition to enhancing the natural beauty and health of skin, the SilkySkin Laser Center team provide noninvasive skin tag and milia removal services using the latest technologies. The skin specialists also perform in-office chemical peels and microdermabrasion to instantly revitalize the skin.

IThrough customized care plans, the skilled professionals at SilkySkin Laser Center take a holistic approach to care and focus on maximizing results to help patients enjoy the long-term benefits of each treatment. They offer convenient scheduling options to accommodate busy schedules.

Schedule a free personalized skin consultation today by calling the office and learn more about the skin care and treatment services available at SilkySkin Laser Center today.

Ms L LoganMs L Logan
23:30 11 Jan 24
Norma is an absolute joy to work with, she is delightful, and so kind! She is very skilled at what she does, and my results have been better than I ever would have imagined. I plan to add more areas as I am able. this is so much better than waxing– I’m so glad my friend told me about her!
Brianna FrancisBrianna Francis
21:33 03 Jan 24
Norma is truly exceptional and knowledgeable. She was so sweet during all my treatments and made me feel comfortable. And the laser she uses really works wonders!
Kristine UKristine U
11:34 30 Dec 23
Norma is an absolute professional and makes me feel comfortable getting laser treatments. She is always making sure that we get the best results by adjusting the laser throughout the procedure and getting feedback from me after each treatment. The results are amazing and I plan to return for treatment in other areas.
Isha BasraIsha Basra
17:15 29 Dec 23
Norma is very accommodating with scheduling an appointment per my availability. The services are very satisfactory and I continue to go back for my touch ups when needed. Do not hesitate to book an appointment as she is a great person and does a very good job !!
Anita StepanyukAnita Stepanyuk
22:34 28 Dec 23
She knows what she's doing! Amazing results!
Amanda HayesAmanda Hayes
17:16 06 Dec 23
I had a couple areas with body hair that made me feel less confident, even though I love my body and I don't mind body hair. I am glad I chose to get laser hair removal. The sessions are short and the results are noticeable even after the first couple treatments. Norma also had the best prices from what I could find in the area. Plus she's always friendly and smiling. I would recommend Silky Skin if you are considering laser hair removal.
Shakira RodriguezShakira Rodriguez
01:10 04 Dec 23
After struggling with foliculitis and being treated with different medications and nothing working. I decided to get laser hair removal and it has been the best decision ever. Especially since Norma is very great at making sure each visit is comfortable as can be and I always get the best results.
Danielle WeedmanDanielle Weedman
08:24 06 Oct 23
Having tried electrolysis some time ago, I decided that I wanted faster results and started looking into laser hair removal as an option. After two sessions with Norma, I know I made the right choice! She is very knowledgeable about the process and took special care to make sure the laser settings would not damage my skin (which is indeed starting to look quite silky). I can't wait to see my results another couple of sessions from now, and am considering getting other areas done as well. I wish I'd started going to Norma years ago!