Oily Skin Meets its Match with these Great Products

Summer is about to leave us, but your oily skin might be more stubborn. It’s hard to keep your skin in check. And when it’s oily, things can get a little tricky. Well, oily skin is about to meet its match. We’ve compiled a list of the top products your skin needs.

Oily Skin Be Gone!

Having oily skin often feels like having a huge spotlight on your forehead. It is a struggle that a lot of us can relate to. Thankfully, there are beauty bloggers and skin experts that have done the research. They’ve been able to gather the products and try them out to see how much it helps reduce the shine on their faces. Yes, we always want to shine, but maybe not because of the oil on our faces. A lot of the products included clay or charcoal masks. Let’s start with Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask Shine Away. The main working ingredient here is Sea Silt, which absorbs oil in a very non-drying way. This is your non-expensive drug store option. It’s not intense (i.e. not a painful masks) and will do wonders for your skin. Another one to note is Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. It’s a gentle deep cleanser that will get rid of dirt as well as calm down the oil. The main ingredient at play? Kaolin clay, which actively gets rid of toxins. The bamboo charcoal also rids your pores of all the junk inside. Biologique Recherche Mask VIP O2 is a professional favorite. This “mask” doesn’t dry, so you’re face isn’t stiff the entire time. Again, the working ingredient is Kaolin. It’s a popular ingredient in a lot of face masks because of all the great benefits it has. In this case, it works together with Vitamin E and lactic acid, which helps smooth skin over and make your pores look super tiny. Oil can be tricky to combat. If you’re looking for the perfect mask to use in-between your facials, look for anything with Kaolin clay. Apply to your face, sit back, read a book and relax while the magic ingredients get to work. Your skin will be nourished. Remember to keep moisturizing!