Keep Alligator Skin Away this Winter

Fall and winter months bring unwanted dryness. Though we no longer sweat through our clothes, we have to deal with the gloom and lack of moisture. We work overtime to keep our skin from drying up like the desert. Our bathroom cabinets become more populated with creams and moisturize to save our skin from the hurt and tightness that comes with winter. No need to worry anymore! We have the remedy to keep alligator skin away this winter. With a couple of quick tricks and products, you’ll keep your dewy skin all season long.

Moisturize to Keep Alligator Skin Away

You have to be gentle to your skin during these harsh winter months. Though you might want to coil up and neglect doing anything, it’s important to take the time to make sure your skin is healthy and getting the nourishment it needs. As a rule of thumb, don’t slow down your water intake. However, you do want to keep your showers short. You don’t gain moisture from products. Rather, products help lock in said moisture. Keeping your showers short (and lukewarm) stop your skin from drying out too much. Apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp to get the best results. During this time, you’ll also want to search for creams and not “lotions”. The difference? Lotions usually contain high alcohol content which makes them more drying. If you’re looking for a good lotion to use however, CeraVe is a great one that contains ceramides. These, to put it simply, keep skin cells together and lock in moisture. This one is unscented, which is always a plus for your skin. Go a step further this season and turn on that humidifier. You’ll want to set it at around 60% so that it brings moisture to your skin. You’ll be able to feel and see the difference. If your skin usually becomes itchy and irritable during the winter, it’s time to follow these simple tips and ward off alligator skin. Our skin protects us every day. It’s time that we start taking the right steps to protecting and loving it back.