Skincare While Traveling: Preserve Your Glow this Holiday Season

It can be tough to keep up a skincare routine while traveling. Whether you’re on the road or in the air, visiting with friends and family usually makes for a busy schedule. That doesn’t mean your skin should suffer. Here are some easy ways to ensure your skin maintains its glow during your journeys this season.

Keep the germs away

You’re on vacation, but viruses and bacteria aren’t. Keeping all your beauty products sanitary is a fundamental step that a lot of people forget about. If the containers you keep skincare in aren’t clean, then you’re spreading germs every time you use the product. Rubbing alcohol or disinfectant wipes are a great way to ensure cleanliness.

Routine is key

It’s tempting to skip your nightly skincare routine when you’re traveling. Try to make it easy for yourself. As soon as you get to your destination, lay out all your products so they’ll be ready when you are.

Drink all the water!

As always, hydration is key. What you consume has a huge effect on your skincare. Even if your diet fluctuates while you’re traveling, make sure to drink enough water to maintain hydration.

Skip (or minimize) hot water

Maybe you’re traveling from a warm climate to a chillier one. When it’s cold outside, it can be tempting to warm up with a hot shower. However, hot water is damaging to the skin. It is irritating and can worsen some skin issues. If you can’t break away from hot showers, try to at least make them as short as possible The skin is the biggest organ of the body— you should take good care of it! Don’t let the stress of the holidays make adverse effects on your skin. Stick to these skincare tips while traveling. Check out our website to book an appointment to give your skin an extra boost.