Skin Care First, Then Make Up

Your skin is the first thing that people notice. Keeping it healthy and looking its best should be your first concern. When your mom told you to take your make up off before bed, she wasn’t just concerned about the sheets. It goes beyond dirty laundry and directly to the problem with dirty skin. That’s why we should all be giving priority to our skin. When you do that, all of your other frustrations regarding your skin will go away. You’ll be able to wear less concealer, hold off on Botox a little longer, and all-around be happy in the results you see.

Keep Your Youth

When you’re a baby, your skin regenerates every two weeks or so. This process slows down significantly the older that we get. By the time you’re in your 50s, your skin regenerates only every 12 weeks. By getting facials, massaging your face, and doing microdermabrasion, you’re triggering your skin to regenerate faster. When you’re treating your face to exfoliation, your skin reacts by working faster on rebuilding. This prevents your skin from aging so much. It also helps to offset any hormonal imbalance that your skin may be reacting to. So, the next time you’re overthinking that facial appointment, think of how much your skin will thank you. You’ll be keeping it youthful and providing a glow again.

Skin Care First

Every person has a different skin type. Therefore, not every product is going to the exact same result. How many times have you taken an online recommendation to find that your skin didn’t clear up the way others had promised? Find your own skin routine and stick to it. Take some breaks and minimize it down to products whenever you can, so that you’re letting your skin breathe. You can also make sure to schedule your chemical peels and microdermabrasion appointments. Remember that you can overdo this, so you want to give your skin a break. Alternate weeks and allow your skin to get the treatment it needs without being at the spa every week.

Makeup Comes Second

It happens so often that we turn to make up as a solution to our skin problems. Especially when those problems (acne) come at an unexpected time. It’s fine to use cover up to hide blemishes and redness that your skin may be producing. It’s not ok, however, to think that is your only solution. It’s important to take care of your skin first. When you do this, you’ll be able to use less concealer. Hence, you can focus on creating the look you want, instead of focusing on covering up.