Get Healthy Skin with 5 Simple Tips

When it comes to skincare and healthy skin, where do we even begin? There are so many products advertised to us all the time. It’s easy to think that these products are the only answer and can quickly give us healthy skin. Oftentimes, it can seem like such a hard goal to achieve. Feeling insecure about your skin is a problem that a lot of us have. After all, it’s the first thing that people notice about us. We’re here to say that it takes more than just topical creams. But, the good news is that healthy skin is attainable. We just have to follow some simple steps.

The Sun is Your Enemy

First and foremost, protect your skin against those awful UV rays. Not only does UV radiation cause wrinkles to your skin, but it can also increase your risk of skin cancer. Experts recommend using SPF 50, which blocks about 98% of UVB radiation. Anything higher than 50 is not really necessary. The higher SPF often give off false pretenses that you can stay out longer in the sun without reapplying. Not the case. Keep applying that sunblock and make sure to never leave your house without first applying to your face.


How do people achieve that healthy glow? By drinking a lot of water. It’s the easiest way to achieve healthy skin. Your skin gets thirsty, so it’s important that you hydrate. This achieves that soft and dewy look.

Get that Vitamin C

Our diet has a lot of effect on our skin. Fried foods, for instance, give us unhealthy fats and can lead to breakouts. Aim for citrus fruits, which have a high level of vitamin C. This is crucial to collagen production, blood vessels, and organs. It’s a natural antioxidant that will work to prevent wrinkles. When you treat your body right, it will start showing on the outside.

Minimalize the Makeup

This might be a catch-22 situation for some of us. Makeup helps cover up the blemishes that we have. Not to mention, it also accentuates our favorite parts and makes us feel good. In no way do we want you to throw away your makeup. What we’re saying is that you can let your skin breathe. Once your skin starts looking healthy and fresh, you’ll find less use for all that makeup anyway. Most importantly, make sure you’re taking off your makeup each night before bed.

Healthy Skin Care

Clean your skin. Get facials. Moisturize. Find out what your skin type is and buy products that cater to that. You can also take the time to see an aesthetician, get a facial, and rejuvenate your skin. Everything in moderation. You don’t want to exfoliate your face too often, but you do want to treat your skin to a more intense and professional treatment than your drugstore creams and masks. Practice these simple steps and make sure to book your appointment with us. You’ll soon be uncovering brilliant healthy skin.